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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

About Sex Surrogacy

As a surrogate, I engage in a unique approach to sexual healing. The concept of sex surrogates was innovated by sex therapists Masters and Johnson. They felt that for many men, simply talking about their sexual problems was not adequate, that they needed hands-on guidance.

I work with you to help you deepen your understanding of sensuality, and physical and emotional intimacy. I use various techniques including exercises in communication, breathing techniques, meditation, mental and physical relaxation. I also guide you through a progression of sexual awareness and sensual touch. You will learn how to give and receive pleasure using the "sensate focus" technique of touch.

You learn to stay focused "in the moment" and to release distracting thoughts such as worry and self-doubt, which can have a negative impact on sexual functioning. Anxiety is a key factor which can contribute to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm and inhibition. Once the mind is at peace, the body can open itself to sensual and sexual expression.

What makes surrogacy successful is the relationship between the surrogate and client. The trust that develops keeps the relationship strong. Both develop genuine caring feelings for each other, as one would in any close friendship. Our friendship is real and deeply shared.

All the lessons learned in surrogacy, become a model for you of a healthy, honest, and close relationship. This gives you the confidence to develop loving relationships of your own.

Sensate Focus : The Touch That Heals

I offer one-to-one gentle instruction in "sensate focus" a specialized technique of relaxed touching developed by reknowned sex researchers Masters & Johnson. Sensate focus enables you to more fully experience the "embrace of the present moment"--the ability to enjoy every moment of touch with complete relaxation, clear focus and heightened sensory awareness.

What makes sensate focus so special is that you learn to enjoy enhanced pleasure not only for your partner but, just as importantly, for yourself. You delight in the touch as never before without the performance pressure which many men experience when trying to fulfill their partner. NO EXPECTATIONS, no demands, pure pleasure.

Surrogacy sensate focus includes a myriad of different sensory experiences, awakening each part of the body with heightened stimulation, with each session building upon the next in terms of depth and closeness. The sensory journey is intended to help you overcome problems that may have dampened your experiences in the past, inhibiting the full expression of your sensuality.

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