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"Tobacco—Choose Between Great Sex Or A Quick Smoke"

Smoking affects a person’s sex life and in more important ways than just bad breath. Studies have shown there is a link to impotence and smoking. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it tightens blood vessels and restricts the blood flow. Common sense says that a man’s erection depends on blood flow. Therefore, just 2 cigarettes could cause weaker erections in male smokers.

Would smoking affect a woman’s sex life also? Yes, because during intercourse the woman’s vagina, labia and clitoris also become engorged, and this enhances arousal. If the blood flow were restricted then it would have a negative effect on sensation. Smoking also has been linked to birth defects and mothers-to-be are strongly cautioned not to smoke while pregnant. Finally, cancer is not very sexy. Very little about stained teeth, unhealthy skin, premature wrinkles and the “perfume” of smoke is sexy. A better sex life is just one more reason to quit smoking.

Yes, excessive alcohol, drugs and tobacco can affect your sex life and worse yet, your physical life. Sex is only enjoyable when you’re alive and is best when you’re healthy and able to feel all your body’s wonderful sensations.


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