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Surrogate Therapy - What Is It ?

By now you know what a sex surrogate is. A surrogate is not a prostitute, or an escort, nor is she a sex coach with some casual advice to offer you. Surrogate therapy is a legitimate form of sexual therapy. Sex surrogacy is nothing new or outrageous. It has been around for over fifty years, first introduced in the 1950's by famous therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnston.

Sexual surrogate therapy is not about sex as a device, or as a release, or as the cure for loneliness, and etc. It is largely about communication, education and specifically to help people who suffer from sexual problems. Some of these problems are physical while others are psychological. What is important to emphasize again, is that (legitimate) surrogate therapy is supervised by a sexual therapist. A surrogate should be certified, experienced in surrogacy practice, and extremely knowledgeable about sexual dysfunctions and resolutions. A surrogate is a professional who works alongside a therapist with the goal in mind to help the client progress and restore a healthy sex life.

As far as specific forms of therapy, they are just as varied as the list of treatable sexual problems. Sometimes a session can be about building a person's self esteem, or teaching basic social and dating skills. Some sessions are about building relationships, some have more to do with frank sexual education.

Sometimes there is a need for physical intimacy between a surrogate and a client. This is not always sexual, and can involve merely talking or touching. Usually what happens is that a sex therapist will speak to the client and recommend a course of action based on the communication thus far. The client, therapist and surrogate do communicate with each other and the client sees the therapist on a regular basis. At some point a therapist will refer the client to a sex surrogate with instructions on what the client needs, and the surrogate will demonstrate these methods.

The important point here is that surrogates and therapists work together to resolve a problem. Whereas just counseling or therapy are limited in what they can show a person suffering from sexual dysfunction or disorders, sexual surrogacy can demonstrate to a person in physical ways (not always sexual) how to solve a problem. The success rate of treating sexual problems with sexual counseling and surrogacy is believed to be near 90%.

Clients coming to sexual therapy and surrogacy will usually be complaining of either sexual dysfunction (physical conditions, disabilities or diseases) or psychological problems as relates to sex, such as phobias or relationship concerns. There may be some diseases or disorders that are not curable. Therefore, the goal of sex therapy then would be to teach the person, or couple, how to adjust to these changes and improve their sex life in spite of limitations. Other problems will be curable with surrogate therapy. Some of these issues could be caused by psychological problems. If that were the case then the therapist and surrogate would work together to teach the client how to overcome his frame of mind or phobia, and how to go about resuming sexual relations in a normal, healthy way.

One of the greatest advantages in seeing a sexual surrogate is the professionalism of the setting. Certified surrogates are very knowledgeable and ethical. In order to be a licensed, officially recognized surrogate one must adhere to the standards of the "International Professional Surrogates Association", which puts high priority on surrogates ensuring a client's interests, safety and confidentiality. When a surrogate is professional, courteous and educated it makes it easier on the client to be candid.

What's also good to know is that sex surrogates and therapists have heard it all. They are experienced in therapy and knowledgeable about sex. They have seen many, many cases of every imaginable problem. This does take the pressure off of the client, to know that a therapist or surrogate won't be shocked by what they hear. They won't be confused as to how to go about helping an individual. They won't feel awkward having to teach a person how to improve his sex life. The client can be sure that he is in good hands.

Surrogate therapy has been a legitimate form of therapy for over half a century and will continue to be as more and more people become educated about the true benefits of surrogacy.

Better sex, a happier attitude and a healthier lifestyle could be just one appointment away.


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