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Sex Surrogate Sessions

Initial Consultation

The first step to qualify for surrogacy is to arrange an initial consultation in a relaxed, comfortable environment. During our time together, I can better understand your needs and co-design a process, based upon the surrogate sequence, that can produce effective, long-lasting results for you. This could be a wonderful turning point in your personal evolution.

Not all individuals are good candidates for surrogacy. Some may need therapy prior to working with me; others may be better served by sex therapy alone.

Surrogate Sessions

One of my goals as a sex surrogate is to create a warm, safe environment for my clients so they can feel comfortable resolving their social or sexual problems.

We establish a unique rapport. The fabric of surrogate work is the relationship that is established between me and my client. We are special friends who share loving, intimate times together. The relationship becomes a model of good communication, honesty, openness and the ability to be accepted for oneself completely and unconditionally.

Surrogate work is body centered and includes physical touching as well as becoming comfortable with one's body. It's important for a surrogate to be comfortable with her own body and sexual functioning.

Some sexual problems aren't sexual at all! Emotions such as anger, frustration, rejection, and resentment all send signals to the mind which, in turn, sends directives to the genitals. If the mind is full of stressful,self-doubting thoughts, those thoughts are directed to the genitals. This can block functioning of the erotic pathway. An example of this is delayed ejaculation or orgasmic difficulties. Other issues are physiological such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lack of desire.

In each session, we are both active (give the touch) and receptive (receive the touch). Touch can often trigger deep emotions and memories. It is a powerful tool. Over time, the relationship deepens and the work progresses to a more advanced level where the client can more fully understand his feelings, thoughts and behaviors. All surrogacy work is supervised by a licensed sex therapist or sexologist.

The sensual expressions also create a bond of respect, warmth, caring and tenderness. Our relationship is a learning lab where we get to cuddle, experiment and engage in playful exploration.

I meet with my clients on a weekly basis to maximize your sense of progress. We find a mutually convenient time in our schedules. The process typically takes place over a period of months.

Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. An activity that may be helpful for one individual may not be appropriate for another.

I maintain a high Code of Ethics. Everything that occurs between us is completely private and discreet. Your information remains totally confidential.




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