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Sex Surrogate Pioneers and Visionaries

This is a Tribute To Those Who Helped To Create
The Breakthrough Profession of Surrogacy

There were several pioneering surrogates who began working in the 1970’s with the Masters and Johnson process. These forward thinkers blazed the trail and set the standards for surrogates who would follow.
Some were involved in surrogate training, while others began their practices at a time when surrogacy was in its infancy.
I am indebted to them for their courage, strength of vision and excellence in promoting the profession. Many have had a lasting impact on the surrogates who are currently working.
This is a tribute to those who helped to create the breakthrough profession of surrogacy.

Cheryl Cohen Greene
Certified Sex Surrogate
San Francisco, California | PH: 510-843-3526
Email: berkeleydoc@comcast.net


Maureen Sullivan
Los Angeles, California

Read About Maureen


Los Angeles, California



Cecily Green
Oceanside, California

One on One Interview with Cecily Green


Northern California






BASA: Bay Area Surrogates Association
Los Angeles, California

This group functioned as an informal support, supervision and training organization in Northern California from approximately 1885-1990. Many current and former surrogates were instrumental in its founding.


In Memoriam

Sex Surrogate

Jerry De Haan
Los Angeles, California



Adele P. Kennedy
Los Angeles, California



Patricia Pearlman
New York




Sex Therapists/Researchers


William Masters – Virginia Johnson
The Masters and Johnson Institute
St Louis, Missouri

Read About Masters and Johnson
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Dr. William Hartman – Dr. Marilyn Fithian
Center for Sexual and Marital Studies’
Long Beach, California

Read About Hartman and Fithian



Dr. Barbara Roberts
Center for Social and Sensory Learning
Encino, California

Read About Dr. Roberts
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Howard Ruppel, Ph.D., Ed.D., M.P.H.
Professor of Sexology. M.A. 1968, N. Illinois University
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; DACS
Northern, Illinois






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