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Sexual Dysfunction Problems

Premature Ejaculation:
The inability of a man to avoid ejaculating before he is ready to. A guy who has ejaculatory control can, within a reasonable time, last as long as he wishes.

Delayed Ejaculation:
The exact opposite of premature ejaculation. The man has difficulty achieving orgasm inside the woman's vagina. The result is that intercourse lasts way too long....to the discomfort of himself and his partner. Often the man will not ejaculate at all with a partner.

Impotence: (Erection disorder)
The recurring inability to achieve and/or maintain an adequate erection until the completion of the sexual activity. This problem can be partner specific. Erections will occur in the morning or with masturbation. If, however, the erection difficulty persists when there is no partner around, this could be a physical problem. A medical evaluation is appropriate in such circumstances.

Lack Of Desire:
The absence of sexual fantasies and /or the desire for sexual relations with a partner. Low sexual desire can be global and encompass all types of sexual expression. It can also be situational and limited to one partner or even specific sexual acts.

Fear Of Intimacy:
The avoiding of intimate, open relationships with a partner. Sexual activity is focused on the genitalia to the exclusion of the intimacy involved in lingering kisses and caresses. Intense intimate relating sometimes can be experienced when limited to casual or unavailable partners.


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