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“A Ring For Your Eleventh Finger: How A Cock Ring Can Help You”

Everybody’s heard of a “cock ring” (sometimes politely referred to as a C-ring, you know, during political speeches and such) but have you ever wondered what this device actually does?

This ring is not for show, and though it may look kinky, its use is anatomical. A cock ring is a type of sex toy that is placed around a man’s penis. It can be put around different areas of the penis, including the head, midways down the shaft, or most frequently, at the base. Cock rings can also be worn around the scrotum, with or without a base ring. These are called testicle cuffs, though if they are attached with a base ring, they might be called a triple cock ring or triple crown. Cock rings can be made of various materials including leather, silicone, nylon, rubber and metal.

What Good Is A Cock Ring?

Consider a cock ring a “little toy with big benefits.” What are the big benefits? A cock ring constricts blood flow and slows leakage from erect penile tissue, causing more blood to remain in the shaft of the penis. This allows a man to keep an erection for longer periods of time, makes the penis slightly larger and harder, and heightens and delays a man’s orgasm. Now you see why this toy can bring benefits—regardless of how big anyone is.

Cock rings are very helpful in treating some forms of sexual dysfunction including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Far from being just a therapeutic device, however, these rings can also enhance your sex life. Men can use them with partners or even by themselves. Not only can a ring delay ejaculation, and constrict blood flow, (both of which will dramatically heighten orgasm) consider what a triple crown can do: in regular orgasm, the testicles retract towards the body before ejaculation; however, with a triple crown, the rings force the testicles away from the body during ejaculation, and this feature intensifies orgasm three times over!

Not Just For Him

But won’t the lady get jealous of all the time her man is spending with this ring? Not to worry—a cock ring can also be enjoyed with two players. Some rings including a clitoral stimulator, or a vibrator that can stimulate either partner’s hot spots. (Vulva, perineum, anus, etc.) Combine these tickling features with regular intense intercourse, and sex with a partner could be dramatically intensified. There hasn’t been a ring this amazing since the ring of Sauron!

The Abuse Of Cock Rings

However, like any special tool, particularly when the tool involves sensitive body parts, a cock ring must be used properly. Cock rings are usually not adjustable, nor designed to be one-size-fits-all. Care is needed when choosing a proper fit. If you choose a ring that is too tight, than this most certainly will not heighten orgasm but could cut off blood circulation entirely. Would that be a good thing? No.

A cock ring is meant to increase the size of the erection just a little bit—not squeeze the life out of the little fellow. In fact, wearing a cock ring that is too tight—or even wearing a good fit for an excessive period of time—could be very dangerous. It could even lead to a priapism. Despite any exhibitionism kinks one might have, a priapism is very unsexy. A priapism is a sustained and painful erection that lasts for hours and can only be fixed by a trip to the emergency room. Refusing to see a doctor for a priapism is an even greater risk, since penile gangrene could develop, which would result in, sadly, the end of your penis.

This is not to say that all cock rings are dangerous—only the abuse of such toys can be. When choosing a ring, make sure it is not too tight. Secondly, make sure that if you notice any pronounced swelling or pain, that you remove the item without delay. Another sign that the penis is being overly constricted might be if the man’s genitals start to feel cold. Cock rings are meant for sex, to be used in a comfortable and pleasurable manner, during sex. Cock rings are not supposed to be worn to sleep or for casual walks to the store. A little bit of common sense can go a long way in using a cock ring safely.

What To Look For When Shopping For Rings

When choosing a ring try and look for one that has a “quick-release feature”, that allows them to be removed easily without strain. For the best results, try a ring made out of nonmetallic materials, since metal can easily irritate the skin. Finally, if you want a cock ring then buy a cock ring. Never try and create your own sex toy at home, as rubber bands or common household items are not meant for human skin.

A cock ring is not a magical or even a technologically impressive device by any means. Its value lies in the fact that sexual expertise was used in designing it. Sexual education is what truly intensifies great sex, not any handheld or constricting device. Have you ever considered sexual surrogacy as a way to improve your sex life? Sexual surrogacy is all about teaching individuals and couples effective ways to improve their sex life, far beyond just a simple cock ring. Contact a sex surrogate and find out how sexual education can help you.


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