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“The Impact of Prostate Surgery on Sex

Over 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Thanks to modern science, the majority will live and successfully go through prostate surgery.

They will either seek radiation or a prostatectomy. In many cases because prostate cancer is slow moving, and because long-term survival rates are better for surgery than radiation, most men will choose a prostatectomy.

Yes, obviously there will be heavy aftereffects in a recovering patient’s sex life. Four out of five men after recovering from prostate surgery will suffer some sexual problems whether it be erectile dysfunction, ejaculation or painful intercourse. Some patients are as young as 30 years old and still suffer from impotence. There is no way to completely avoid any sexual problems when recovering from such an operation since nerves run from the prostate to the penis and will directly be affected by the surgery.

You Can And Will Have Sex Again

However, there is good news. Not only can a man recover from prostate cancer and extend his life, he can also regain a healthy sex life. It’s just a matter of seeking education and treatment from a professional doctor, counselor or surrogate.

It is a fact that a man can still have an orgasm even if he cannot ejaculate. So treatments for sexual dysfunction after prostate surgery focus on the person creating and maintaining an erection. Viagra is a popular erectile dysfunction drug, but studies show it is only effective for prostatectomy patients 20% of the time. Viagra and other similar drugs only increase blood flow to the penis; but the penis needs an intact nerve network in order to become engorged and thus maintain an erection.

While pills are one option often prescribed, some doctors or urologists will recommend penile injections, which do have a high success rate mainly because the arousing chemicals are injected directly into the penis rather than taken orally. Naturally, this recommendation is not popular with many men because it takes the spontaneity out of sex. That is why many partners learn how to give the injections on behalf of their lover and then work them into the foreplay. Men can also directly inject themselves 15-20 minutes before sexual activity.

Another option is the vacuum pump that has a fairly high success rate in creating erections. It is not as popular as other alternatives because it requires the use of a hand or battery operated device that increases blood flow to the penis. Because of the circumstances, older men who have been comfortable with the same partner for many years usually choose this option.

A penile implant is another option. It has the highest success rate (near 90%) but still disturbs some because of invasiveness. An implant can produce a good erection size, give a man more control over his response and also looks the most natural, thus putting spontaneity back into his life.

There are three different implants to choose from: three piece inflatable implants, two piece inflatable implants and semi-rigid pliable rods that can be positioned by the man or his partner. Implants are costly with prices anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000, but some plans including Medicare do cover the procedure. While implants do not affect a man’s sensations or abilities to have an orgasm, they can contribute to his self-esteem, enjoyment and that of his partner’s.

Consulting A Professional

Counseling also plays an important role. After prostate surgery, a man shouldn’t have to drop all sexual activity. It would be depriving him and his partner of something enjoyable and beneficial to his health. In fact, the longer he goes without having sex or seeking treatment the more sexual problems will start to accelerate. Most doctors or urologists simply don’t have the time or knowledge to deal exclusively with sexual problems.

So it's important to find a professional who has an extensive background in the field of sexuality and working with sexual problems. Sexual counseling can help individuals or couples, particularly in deciding what further action to take. Some people might want to seek further medical help, whereas others might be satisfied with what they learn in the counseling session.

Sex is a natural part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Just because a man has successfully recovered from prostate surgery does not mean his sex life is a thing of the past. His sex life and that of his partner can be just as active as he wants it to be.

“The Impact of Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco on Sex”

For some reason sex, along with tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are thought of as vices. Yet sex is something healthy and completely normal. Whereas tobacco, overdrinking alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not only unhealthy for the body, they can also impede your sex life. It’s a shame that many people would rather contaminate their bodies with harmful substances than stay healthy and experience the best sex of their lives.

By now everyone’s heard how unhealthy tobacco, overdrinking and drug use are.

But is it really a fact that they can affect a person’s sexuality? Yes, consider the effects.


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