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Jerry De Haan
Los Angeles, California



Jerry De Haan made an invaluable contribution to the field of sex surrogacy as a teacher, surrogate and researcher.

He is the author of the ground-breaking book “Reaching Intimacy, A Male Sex Surrogate’s Perspective”. It was the first book written by a male surrogate. Jerry also worked with the legendary sex researcher Beverly Whipple in her cutting-edge research on the discovery and photographing of the female G-Spot.

In his book Jerry describes his work as a surrogate as follows:

Why I Decided to Write This Book:
“Reaching Intimacy” is a warmly instructive, important book for all women who have reached out for love and gotten sex in return. “I feel the need to talk about my work because I know many couples suffer in silence, longing to communicate but unable to get beyond the barrier of words. I work with women who need to experience intimacy, with someone–a husband or lover–but who find that, when they reach out for love, all they get is sex. Being a surrogate allows me to provide intimacy with a few select women.”

Being Macho vs Being Male
“I learned about myself and my masculinity–about the difference between being macho and being male. I became conscious of my feminine side and its characteristics. And I learned the difference between sexuality and sensuality. I truly experienced what I’d known only intellectually before–that the brain, not the genitals, is the center of sexual sensations.”

Through intimacy, we relive our hurts and pains and, through sharing and love, find healing. We expose our needs and desires, and find them reflected in the longings of or partners. We learn to show love because we feel it, to embrace because we want to have our partner near us, to caress because touching gives us pleasure. And because we trust our partners to feel as we do, we can take pleasure in being loved, embraced and caressed.”



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