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Adele P. Kennedy
Los Angeles, California



Adele P. Kennedy blazed a trail very early in the infancy of the surrogate community starting in the mid-1970's. She worked with many different medical pioneers, including Masters and Johnson, where she was a Fellow of their institute. Over a career spanning more than 25 years she taught many people, both as couples and individuals, including those with profound disabilities, to have richer lives.

She taught them confidence in sexual and sensual skills, as well as improving their overall social abilities. Her patients were always referred by a licensed therapist, who worked closely with her throughout the course of treatment.

Ms. Kennedy used her skills to run numerous workshops for sex therapists, surrogate trainees, and women's groups. Many of her and other therapists workshops have been based on her book, "Touching for Pleasure". She was a founding member of the International Professional Surrogates Association, and a member of both the Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, as well as the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex. She appeared on numerous television programs including Dinah!, Geraldo, Playboy Channel interviews, and featured in a documentary "Sex Surrogates: Intimate Profiles", by producer/director Arnold Shapero, best known for the popular documentary "Scared Straight".

After retirement, she remained active in the medical community, acting as a surrogate patient in the Geriatrics departments of the big medical schools in the Los Angeles area. A trooper until the end, she allowed her doctors to try several experimental therapies to advance the learning of the medical community, and help others. Her husband of 50 years and two adult children supported her completely throughout her long career.

Many thanks to Jo Kennedy for providing this information.



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