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“Penis Venous Leakage—Causes And Treatments”

The term venous leakage might even make some men feel queasy. Nobody likes to think of any kind of “leakage” happening when they are getting intimate. But it really is a problem and sexual dysfunction only gets worse the longer you wait to get help.

The condition known as venous leakage, also known as cavernosal failure, occurs when penile veins are not able to constrict properly during an erection. The blood escapes to the outside boundary of the penis and into the surrounding veins and causes a weak or “soft” erection. Venous leakage can also cause more noticeable problems like impotence or the rapid loss of an erection depending on how severe the condition is.

What causes this dysfunction? It can either be brought on by chemical deposition or the destruction of surrounding penis venous tissue. Ingesting too many unnatural chemicals in your body are sex-busters. That’s why cigarettes, marijuana and street drugs are widely discouraged because these chemicals can harm your body—yes, even your sexual organs. Beyond that, even excessive amounts of otherwise harmless chemicals like prescription medication, alcohol or sugar and cholesterol can be damaging. When your body becomes ill, physical and sexual side effects will show.

Venous leakage can also be caused by mechanical destruction of penile tissue. This can be caused by rigorous sexual activity in which the penis is injured (take it down a notch, wildcat) excessive penile exercises, over-masturbation or over ejaculation. All of this rigorous activity can make the penile tissue, blood vessels and surrounding nerves sensitive and more easily prone to breakage.

Not only does excess cause this condition, but vascular disease, poor muscle relaxation (which can occur in Diabetes or Pryronie’s disease) and even neurological disorders such as high anxiety can cause symptoms.

A man with venous leakage is suffering from a physical condition, although the general term of erectile dysfunction is not always a physical problem. Impotence can be psychological in some cases. Venous leakage, however, results from improper arterial blood flow.

What is the best way to treat venous leakage? There are a few ways to go about getting help. One solution is through medication. If the venous leakage is caused by chemical deposition, as in drug abuse, then a doctor might prescribe a total detoxification drug.

If the cause of the leakage is physical, such as poor muscle relaxation or over-masturbation, then the general treatment might be to boost the parasympathetic nervous system as relates to erections, so that the penis gets enough androgen hormones, neurochemicals and oxygen for consistent function. Hormone replacements as well as arterial stimulation drugs could be a solution.

Other medical options include a penile constriction band, a penile implantation, or arterial reconstruction. These medical procedures are costly and complicated, but might be worth considering if a person suffers from many other sexual problems as well.

However, venous leakage is a relatively minor problem to treat and would probably be remedied best by medication. It is a physical condition that needs quick attention.

In addition to medication, knowledge of what causes penis venous leakage and the best way to adjust your lifestyle would be very helpful. In this regard sexual surrogates could help. Venous leakage can sometimes be caused by over-masturbation, improper penile exercise, poor muscle relaxation, and even anxiety—all subjects a surrogate could address through therapy.

This is assuming that venous leakage is a recurring problem and not the result of a one-time injury in which you overstrained the little guy. The body naturally heals itself if you are careful and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But if you have a major problem with venous leakage then it is a physical dysfunction in need of medication or even surgery when particularly severe.

The more people seek help for their sexual problems, rather than hiding in shame or embarrassment, the happier and healthier they will be.


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