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"Marijuana—Takes The Edge And Enjoyment Out Of Sex"

Marijuana is a popular though illegal drug, and many believe that it doesn’t have any major side effects. However, there is a cause for concern. While marijuana might have low dependency and high intoxication potential, with low physical damage, it does have other adverse effects. Yes, some of those can be sexual. As far as marijuana being an aphrodisiac, the drug does not affect everyone the same. Some users claim that the drug helps sexual intensity while others claim that it’s more difficult to become aroused. Some users have said that the drug provides a deeper spiritual connection to their lover, but scientists believe hallucinations merely create the illusion of better sex. Longtime marijuana smoking also increases the likelihood of infertility, as men have been reported to have lower sperm counts, and women abnormal ovulation. Using marijuana while pregnant can be damaging to a fetus. The THC in marijuana crosses the placental barrier, thus increasing the risk of pregnancy loss, birth defects, and the retardation of the future baby’s growth and development.


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