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“The Impact of High Blood Pressure on Sex”

High blood pressure can affect many of your daily activities and even endanger your life. Sure you knew that. But did you also know it can also affect your sex life? Now you’re listening.

While some people aren’t even aware of how to control high blood pressure and the severity of the condition, others react the extreme opposite. By believing because they have high blood pressure they should not engage in sexual activity very often for fear of endangering their health.

Yes, it is challenging to maintain a good sex life living with high blood pressure. One reason is because certain medications that lower blood pressure also bring sexual side effects. Some people try and avoid medication because of the sexual side effects but this is not a wise move. Sexual problems also come about, not only because of medication, but also because of the disorder itself. High blood pressure changes circulatory patterns in the body and can damage the inner lining of arteries, which may decrease blood flow to the penis and vagina. Sexual problems brought about by medication or by the disorder include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, painful intercourse, difficulty in reaching orgasm and a general loss of sexual desire.

Sexual Solutions To High Blood Pressure

There are a few options to consider when battling high blood pressure and once again reclaiming an active sex life. The first is simple enough. People who suffer from high blood pressure, to better their sex life and to save their entire life, must get into better shape.

A basic adage remains true: Sex will never be enjoyed to its absolute fullest until you maintain a good healthy diet and engage in regular exercise. The same fact can be stated to people suffering from high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure doesn’t mean your sex life is over. It just means that the better you take care of yourself, the better your life—and lovemaking—will be.

A recent scientific study revealed that one third of obese men with erectile dysfunction were able to regain sexual function after two years by losing weight and exercising. Other studies have shown that regular exercise fights depression, which has a powerful effect on regular sexual function. Regular exercise can also bring about a more toned body and higher self esteem. The better a person feels, the more attractive he or she feels, the better their sex life will be.

Avoid Stress Not Sex

There is no truth to the myth that says people who suffer from any heart disease or high blood pressure disorder have to avoid all excitement. While avoiding stress is certainly beneficial, sexual activity is the opposite of stress. It is a form of exercise that brings about positive feelings. There is a balance to be maintained. If you are enjoying sexual activity and you began to notice some symptoms, then simply reduce your activity until you feel better. Like all forms of exercise, sex is something that enriches you but that should also be measured according to how you feel. The answer is not avoiding sex altogether, which would be depriving you and your mate of something pleasurable and fulfilling.

Another option to consider would be help from a pharmacist. Some high blood pressure patients take a list of their medications (over the counter, prescribed and herbal) to a pharmacist and get a professional opinion to see whether any combination may be causing sexual problems.

Seek Professional Help

Finally, seeking professional help whether through a psychologist, therapist or sex surrogate is an option worth thinking about, especially if you are having specific sexual problems. A professional can work with you to establish what you need and want, along with what would be the most effective way to achieve those goals.

High blood pressure is a serious condition. But that does not mean that it can’t be dealt with and that your sex life will permanently suffer because of it. Educating yourself and your partner is the best way to handle any problem.


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