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“Enlarging Your Penis—Think Before You Act”

First came penis panic. Then came the jokes to alleviate panic. Then the biggest laughs eventually became well circulated sexual euphemisms. Some of the more interesting metaphors I’ve heard…

Puffing the magic dragon. Kicking the Cajun Sausage Up a Notch. Trading in the Escort for a Stretch Limo. And of course, turning Crouching Tiger into Hidden Dragon. (from Top5.Com)

But in many cases, laughter just wasn’t enough to stop the worry. By the time medical technology had advanced, the process of penile enlargement had become an option and many men would start to look for answers to their “small” problems in surgery.

Nearly everyone has heard of penile enlargement as a solution, but not everyone knows what actually goes on down there during penis enlargement surgery. There are three major types of penile surgery to consider, and two others of special interest. Let’s first review the widely accepted surgical methods.


Nobody seems to like the word injection used in the same sentence as your penis. But the innovative method of injection is one of the most preferred surgery options. In the surgery, fat cells are taken from other parts of the body and injected into the shaft of the penis, below the skin surface. This only increases the thickness of the penis not the length; however, thicker is better than length at least in theory.

The problem is that this method of penile enlargement is slightly flawed. First, the penile shaft does not naturally have a great deal of fat cells, and so the appearance of the supposedly new and improved penis can look and feel strange or disproportionate. There is also the risk of the injected fat shifting entirely the wrong way which would make the penis look less like a magic dragon and more like a symptom of Peyronie’s disease.

Other injections that can be used besides fat cells are volumes of liquid silicone. When injected into the penis and scrotum, this can drastically increase the girth of the penis. However, this method of surgery also has side effects and complications including the loss of sensation, scarring, deformation and even erectile dysfunction. Yes, that means a man’s ability to have intercourse could become hindered or even permanently disabled. Talk about counterproductive! Other injected substances have proven just as unstable with many side effects and scarring being reported.


Another risky surgical method is ligament cutting, where the basal penile ligament is surgically cut. In some cases this can cause the lengthening of the penis (as opposed to girth) by some 2 inches. However, not every case has been successful. Some subjects have claimed there was no noticeable difference in length after going under the knife. Anatomically speaking, when the basal ligament is cut from the pubic symphysis, this allows more of the penis to hang outside the body. When this happens, however, the penis will be unsupported and will start to point downward and unnaturally wobble. Erections will not be as hard as before, since the internal structure has been damaged.


Implants aren’t just for women; now there is such a thing as a penile implant. This is done by replacing the pair of corpora cavernosa (a sponge-like area of erectile tissue) with inflatable implants. These cylinder replacements can be naturally sized or made to be even larger. A pump device can be implanted in the groin and be manipulated to fill the cylinders with an implanted reservoir, thus manually achieving an erection. There are many risks involved in this form of surgery, including the stretching of surrounding penile tissue which could cause serious complications. Because of this, this form of penis enlargement is usually only recommended for impotent men.


Genital beading is not as widely accepted as the other three methods, though it is gaining popularity in other countries. In this “surgical” practice, foreign objects are implanted under the foreskin or shaft of the penis. Various objects have been used including those made of steel, plastic, stones, jewelry, rings and studs. Some individuals from foreign cultures believe these beads have magical benefits, while others believe these items can simply enhance sexual pleasure.


Finally, there’s transplantation, an experimental surgery where another penis is medically attached to a person. (Frankenpenis anyone?) Reports of successful operations are unverified, though medically speaking it is feasible that one could happen. However, it should be noted that there’s no evidence to suggest that any significant sensation could develop in the transplanted penis.

Penile Surgery Is A Risk

These are three accepted and two radical forms of penile surgery, each theoretically capable of increasing a man’s penis size whether in length or girth. But is penis enlargement surgery really a good idea?

While penile surgery has advanced considerably over the years, many surgeons refuse to offer these medical procedures because of the risks involved. Every surgical treatment listed has possible side effects and serious complications. Men interested in penis enlargement surgery are usually encouraged to seek advice from their doctors, or even to consult a counselor, before deciding to undergo such a drastic operation. Looking at the issue objectively, surgery is at the very least a risk and an expensive one at that. Looking for a good phalloplastic surgeon is the one time a man can’t skimp on cost!

Other Penis Enlargement Methods

There are other methods to look into besides penis enlargement surgery. However, it should be noted that many of these non-surgical alternatives carry their own risks. Pills that are advertised over the Internet are largely believed to be scam products, and reportedly they might even include dangerous ingredients like pesticides and lead. Penis pumps, along with such physical techniques as traction and clamping, are all similar in that they increase blood pressure or blood flow to the penis causing engorgement and thus a slight increase in size. However, all of these techniques and products have been known to cause occasional injury, causing ruptured blood vessels, and damage to penile nerves and tissues. Major damage could lead to minor or permanent erectile dysfunction.

Safe Treatments With A Better Success Rate

Now that you’ve heard the risks of some popular but notorious types of penile enlargement therapies, I’m going to share with you the two methods of penile solutions that sex surrogacy has found to be the most successful. While they are quite simple solutions, sexological studies and experience have taught us that they work and they provide more long-term benefits than surgical or physical therapies.

The first treatment is a cosmetic improvement. Some men have spared themselves the recovery period and thousand-dollar investment, and have chosen to alter their appearance rather than their penis. For example, when a man trims his pubic hair or loses some weight this can give the appearance of a larger penis. More importantly, this emphasizes the lesson that good grooming and good physical shape are just as big a deal as the actual measurement of a penis.

The second treatment I would advise a man considering penis enlargement, beyond all physical reasoning, is to develop a better body image of himself. Body image is our own level of self-confidence. It’s how we feel about ourselves and how we project those feelings to others. A man who possesses a healthy body image is confident in his ability, his personality and his body. He doesn’t feel the need for surgery, pumps or poisonous pills to improve his penis. And wouldn’t you know it? A man with a good body image is much happier in life than the man who is devoting so much time and money to penis enlargement therapy. (And if you ask his lover, most likely she will concur that the real thing is so much more enjoyable than a wobbly substitute)

If you or someone you know has difficulty developing a positive body image or is thinking about penis enlargement therapy, why not consider sexual surrogacy? Sexual therapy and surrogacy can teach a man how to develop a better body image and be happy with himself and his “magic dragon”, of average size and in perfectly working condition.


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