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“The Effects of Low Testosterone”

Growing older doesn’t mean your sex life is history. While it is true that your body starts to slow down after middle age, men in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s can still have active lifestyles. They can eat plenty, exercise, be active in their careers and hobbies—and yes, still have sex! Seniors who are active and in good health should be able to retain all of their youthful activities, even without popping a Viagra pill.

However it is true that sometimes there are emotional and physical changes that take place in older men that can result in a slowdown of activity, happiness and appetite. If they are otherwise in good health, then low testosterone could be the problem.

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Low levels of testosterone can greatly influence bodily functions, as well as a man’s physical and emotional makeup. Low testosterone can lead to hair loss, diminished muscle appearance and inexplicable weight gain. Energy and stamina are also affected by this hormone deficiency, leading many men to believe they have finally lost their youthful vigor.

Low testosterone is most recognizable in sexual areas. Men suffering from this condition may be unable to perform sexually or perform poorly, with problems in maintaining erections or climaxing too soon. These problems are not necessarily sexual dysfunctions. They often result because the low testosterone level is affecting the body, causing a lack of energy, less endurance or a waning sex drive. The deficiency can even cause psychological blocks in sensitive men because of the physical changes taking place. He may start to feel unattractive, lose his confidence and thus become afraid of intimacy.

All of these changes can cause irritability and depression in a person and can be just as hard on a partner, emotionally and sexually. But getting older doesn’t mean that your life is over. A better way to look at it is that you’re now living the best years of your life. Many men take advantage of retirement and devote their time to forgotten hobbies or second honeymoons. And if low testosterone is all that is keeping you down, then there are solutions that can get you back in the game. (And even back in the sack)

Herbal Solutions

One way to increase testosterone levels is through herbal remedies. Tribulus Terrestris Extract is a common herb which jump starts the body in producing Luteinizing Hormones, which stick to receptors and stimulate the synthesis and secretion of testosterone. Herbal remedies are preferred by many because they don’t require a prescription or a formal doctor visit. However, if the condition is more severe, or if herbal remedies don’t seem to be helping, then a doctor examination might be necessary. A doctor can advise you of other options to increase testosterone levels, such as oral preparations or injections.

Surrogate Therapy As A Solution

Finally, sex surrogate therapy is an option for men who want to avoid medication and herbs in seeking treatment. Obviously, surrogate therapy cannot physically increase testosterone levels like a doctor can, but it can help men who want to improve their sex life and feel they are lacking in some area. Maybe due to physical changes, they are feeling unattractive or are developing a fear of intimacy. Perhaps they are suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and would rather stay clear of extra medications to overcome the problem. Sex surrogate therapy can help.

Getting older is just a part of life. But losing your sexual desire or ability to perform doesn’t have to be. If you’re noticing a serious change in your lifestyle, then let someone else help. Live out the best days of your life with energy and passion.


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