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"Does Penis Size Really Matter?"

Does penis size really matter? In terms of being attractive, no. Believe it or not, the first thing a woman notices about a man is not his groin. Groins are usually well covered out in public, and so more handsome features like the body shape, face, hairstyle or even hands, might be noticed first. A penis is the very last thing a woman will see when dating a man, and by the point of total nudity surely she will have found some other appealing qualities. Therefore it’s safe to say that rather that worry about penis enlargement pills or finding a good philloplastic surgeon that works for cheap (bad idea), a man looking to meet and satisfy women would do better to improve his body condition and personal grooming. (And yes, even his personality as shocking as it may seem)

What about when sex is the key issue? Does penis size really matter in bed? In terms of physical intercourse, no. A woman’s vagina is a very elastic organ and can accommodate the small as easily as the large. Her most sensitive nerve endings are closer to the outside of the vagina, so an averagely endowed man will hit her hotspots as easily as Dirk Diggler. When a woman reaches orgasm, both physical anatomy and personal commentary tell us, it’s not about the size of the boat. What matters is how the man uses his penis, if he is a skilled, enduring and patient lover. Female orgasms are also dependent upon the woman; some women claim to feel no G-spot arousal, and others say only manual stimulation of the clitoris (through masturbation along with intercourse) can bring them to orgasm. All of this has nothing to do with penis size.

That’s not to say that all women are unconcerned with size. Many women undoubtedly are turned on by the thought of a large penis and so may be very interested to know how massive their lover is. The one ultimate truth here is that big penis or not, a lack of sexual skills will disappoint a woman in bed. There are no magic pills that can turn you into a bigger lover or a better lover. The key to becoming a great lover is found in education and experience.

Two Cures For Penis Panic

The only two treatments I can recommend as a sexual surrogate as a cure for penis panic are (1) to improve your body image and (2) to improve your lovemaking skills. If you work on your body image and gain a level of self-confidence, then you will come to realize that penis size is not the most important thing in life, or relationships or even sex. It’s all about how you approach others and feel about yourself. Improving your sexual abilities is a little more complex, but still can be learned by anyone. The more you learn about sex, the better lover you will become. Sexual education can teach you how to keep an erection longer, how to pleasure your partner and how to make the experience truly enjoyable beyond just a release of sexual tension.

Sexual surrogacy can bring about these two important cures to penis panic. If you’re concerned with the size of your penis or worry that you won’t have what it takes when it’s time for bed, then don’t panic. Sex surrogacy may be just what you’re looking for.


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