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Condoms are not always seen as “romantic” or “sexy”, but then again, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies have a way of killing the mood. The good news is that condoms are not all the same, nor are they sterile devices that belong in a hospital. In fact, many condoms are designed to enhance the sexual experience in addition to physically protecting users.

There are so many different types of condoms, however, that many people, especially first time buyers, may wonder which are the best kind to use? Consider the many differences.

Latex And Polyurethane Condoms

Most condoms are made out of latex, as latex seems to be the strongest material available that’s also equally comfortable. Polyurethane condoms are considered slightly less reliable because the material is not as strong. However, they are the only option if a person is allergic to latex.

Extra Large, Extra Small Condoms

There is of course a time and a place for penis exaggeration. Maybe when drinking beer with buddies or engaging in phone sex. However, a man’s accurate size is important in choosing what size condom will fit. There are both large and small condoms (speaking of girth, not length), for all penis sizes. But choosing an incorrect condom size just to look cool in front of the convenience store cashier is a bad idea. A condom that doesn’t fit snugly can easily fall off, and so is useless. On the other hand, a condom that is too tight can break and leave you unprotected at the worst possible moment.

Lubricated Condoms

Some condoms are not lubricated at all, while other brands have special types of lubricants whether water based or silicone based. Some lubricants slightly numb the man’s penis, which increases staying power. Spermicidal lubricant condoms kill off sperm and are a good idea if you or yours are worried about unwanted pregnancy. But be careful, as some people are sensitive to spermicide and overuse of the lubricant (in some cases) can lead to infection.

Ribbed Condoms

For lovers who don’t like the feeling of regular condoms, or lack of feeling more specifically, there are ribbed condoms which have ribbed little ridges or bumps running around them. This makes sex more pleasurable to both partners and brings back that “loving feeling.”

Colored Condoms

Condom appearances are as varied as the lovers who use them. Why settle for cream white colored products when you can choose orange, purple, black, green and—you guessed it—even glow in the dark condoms! Now sex can be even more fun in the dark.

Flavored Condoms

The urban legend is true…you cannot get pregnant by oral sex. But you can still catch an STD from unprotected fellatio or cunnilingus. Therefore, not only are there condoms for oral sex, there are also flavored condoms to get that latex taste out of your mouth. Flavors can be everything from cherry to vanilla and of course, chocolate!

Male And Female

While most condoms are male by design, there is now a female condom on the market that can be inserted into a woman’s vagina. Now even if the guy rudely forgets to bring a condom, safe sex will always be an option.

Other Condoms

There are another unique condoms such as climax control condoms, vibrating condoms, extra strength condoms, reservoir tipped condoms, and naturally warming condoms. Every condom serves a different purpose. Why choose just one brand for life when you can sample them all? A little variety is always good.

Condom Samplers And The Internet

Buying condoms is now more convenient and discreet than ever. You can order condoms online at reduced prices and have them delivered to your front door or post office box. Better yet many online stores offer a condom sampler pack where you can buy 100 condoms of a different variety.

Do Condoms Work?

In short, yes. While it’s true that condoms are not the perfect invention, and do sometimes fail (usually this is due to breaking) they are very necessary in today’s society. Condoms have generally 94-97% effectiveness rate at preventing pregnancy, and 99% rate at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. While nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, (except maybe the Men’s Warehouse?) not wearing any protection at all during sex is a dangerous and a potentially fatal risk. Unless you’re married and looking to start a family, why risk sex without protection? Better to be safe and lubricated than uncovered and very sorry.

Sexual surrogacy has always taught the importance of condoms, among with many other aspects of sexual education. Remember, you can still be romantic, sexy and lustful even while wearing a condom. Just remember to have fun, have a good attitude when it comes to sex, and sample some of the more interesting condoms on the market. Wearing a condom is a safe and conscientious thing to do—and that’s what makes it truly sexy.


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