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“Delayed Ejaculation”

More men probably suffer from delayed ejaculation than the statistics show. According to research (volunteered information) it is found in less than 10% of the male population. Yet, delayed ejaculation may be considered by some men to be an embarrassing condition and thus not worth reporting to a doctor or therapist. (Least of all a researcher)

Delayed ejaculation means that a man is unable to ejaculate during physical intercourse or with manual stimulation. It is different from impotence because in this case the man can get aroused and develop an erection; he just cannot reach climax. While the idea of a man lasting longer in bed sounds good, delayed ejaculation has nothing to do with increased pleasure for him. It’s a sexual dysfunction and it’s not pleasant for those who experience it.

Psychological Causes

What causes delayed ejaculation? It can be either a psychological or biological issue. It some cases, men cannot ejaculate in the presence of another partner but can masturbate to climax on their own. This would point to a psychological problem. Usually a recent event that may have created some kind of stress is to blame. Negative emotions can affect a person’s sex life; infidelity, job worries, religious guilt, and a lack of sexual attraction can all impede a person’s desire to enjoy sex and naturally finish what they started. Over-masturbation is also believed to cause delayed ejaculation in certain cases. A man may become accustomed to intense masturbation patterns and will be unable to climax by regular intercourse alone.

Biological Causes

Often times however delayed ejaculation is a biological problem. Some prescription medications including Prozac, Mellaril and Guanethidine can cause side effects of delayed ejaculation. If a man has never been able to ejaculate during sex, then it would point to a physical problem. It could be possible that a condition known as retrograde ejaculation has developed, in which the semen travels backwards into the bladder. Other physical causes of delayed ejaculation may be stroke, damage to the spinal cord or an injury to the back.

If a biological problem is causing this condition then it is important to see a doctor. A urologist could tell you if there were a physical irregularity and the best treatment to seek. If you think the condition is resulting from medications you’re taking, then it’s best to consult your doctor so that he or she can adjust the prescription. Don’t stop taking medication on your own since this could be dangerous. But don’t simply ignore the problem either, since sexual dysfunction gets worse as more time passes. Effective treatment of a physical problem requires prompt medical attention.

How Surrogate Therapy Can Help

If delayed ejaculation is a recent problem, and there seems to be no physical or medicinal cause, then it may be a psychological issue that can be helped by sex surrogate therapy. Sex surrogates can help clients become more comfortable with intimacy and restore their confidence. They can teach clients to relax, to enjoy the moment, and reduce the frustration and tension that contribute to so many sexual problems.

Surrogate therapy or sex counseling can help individuals or couples. If relationship difficulties seem to be a primary cause of delayed ejaculation or other sexual dysfunctions, then a sex therapist might recommend relationship and marriage counseling to both partners. The situation could be resulting from a lack of communication and nothing more. What matters is that the problem is treated.

If you feel you are experiencing a problem with delayed ejaculation then talk to a sex therapist or sex surrogate.

Delayed ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction that might be easy to ignore out of embarrassment, but one that is potentially dangerous to dismiss. At the very least, to not seek treatment would be depriving yourself or your partner of a better sex life.


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