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Rebecca Torosian
Intimacy Behavioral/Surrogate Partner Therapy
Manhattan, New York
Email: intimacyexpert@yahoo.com
Website: http://savingintimacy.com


I am an intimacy behavioral/surrogate partner therapist who teaches people the tools and communication skills they need to create more satisfying emotional and physical connections. Through my work, I have assisted dozens of men and women in overcoming a range of issues, from sexual shyness and inexperience to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

My Intimacy Behavioral Therapy™/Surrogate Partner Program, the only one of its kind, was developed out of my prior work as a certified surrogate partner therapist at The Center for Sexual Recovery in New York and decades as a mind body healing practitioner. This unique, therapeutic process includes, but is not limited to; rapport building, direct communication, and how to be present in your body moment to moment, so that you can discover what you are actually experiencing when you give and receive touch. As a warm and enthusiastic guide, I help you experience a newfound ease in both your mind and body that often leads to the transformation of intimate relationships. To achieve this, I teach and practice how to access deeper breath, body awareness exercises and touch skills in a one on one setting, that have proven to be effective in overcoming a wide variety sexual problems. My overall goal is to enable you to replace default fight/flight behavior with new skills that you will directly and confidently integrate into your intimate life.

The first step is to visit my site (www.savingintimacy.com) and read it thoroughly to gain further insight into who I am and more details of what I offer. The next step is to email me (intimacyexpert@yahoo.com) to set up a free, 15-30 phone consultation/assessment to determine if what I offer will be beneficial for you.



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