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Tara M.
IPSA Certified Surrogate Partner - Intimacy & Sex Coach
Email: tara@sessionswithtara.com
Website: http://www.sessionswithtara.com

Hi! My name is Tara and it is my passion to work with men and women that are seeking sexual and intimacy fulfillment. I am a Certified Surrogate Partner with the International Professional Surrogates Association and am seeking clients and therapists to work with throughout the US. I am located in South Florida; however I am happy to offer intensive therapy programs outside of my state and/or country.

Please Note: When working with a Surrogate Partner Therapy client; a therapist must be involved. I work in a triad between client, therapist and myself. I cannot proceed with any surrogate partner therapy if you aren't working with a therapist. I also do not do this particular work by phone; only in person.

A bit more about my SPT work: SPT is a gradual process of expanding client's emotional abilities as well as physical competence. Sessions may include exercises that are designed to build trust and intimacy between myself and my client. Some exercises are similar to tools used in talk therapy - providing education, communication practice; helping clients develop self awareness, communication and anxiety management skills. Some exercises provide clients with opportunities for experiential learning - to develop self awareness, relaxation skills, sensory awareness, sensuality, and confidence; to overcome inhibitions, body image issues and sexual dysfunctions...and more, per our individualized program plan.

You can read more about my Surrogate Partner work at my website sessionswithtara.com

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey to personal intimacy fulfillment.

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