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Roger Tolle
Certified Surrogate Partner, Professional Bodyworker
Charlottesville, Virginia | PH:434-227-6934
Email: rogertolle@gmail.com


I work with men who are struggling with sexual orientation, desire and/or functioning issues, and those who need a partner in order to learn and practice emotional congruence, pleasure in touching and being touched, open and effective communication, and more mature social skills in the context of and in preparation for intimate relationships. Treatment success stems from sustaining sensate focus, clarifying body and sexual information, and building intimacy in a safe, nurturing and mature relationship.

I am available for intensive short-term therapy, in partnership with Certified Sex Therapists, or other therapists with advanced degrees, and following IPSA ethical guidelines. My home studio is in Charlottesville, VA, and I can be available in Washington, DC or New York City when planned far enough in advance.


  • International Professional Surrogates Association, Surrogate Partner Therapy, 2010
  • Body Electric, Sacred Intimacy and Erotic Bodywork, 2000-2006
  • Trager International, Practitioner Certification Training, Tutor Training, Instructor Training, 1984-1996
  • Professional Modern Dance and Ballet training with a variety of teachers in Boston and NYC, 1973-1987
  • Kalamazoo College, BA in Theater, 1973

Professional Experience

Since 1985, full time bodywork and movement education practice with men and women of all ages and with a wide spectrum of presenting concerns:

  • Sexual, emotional and physical abuse
  • Stress from relationships and work
  • Neuro-muscular diseases
  • Postural and physical anomalies
  • Disconnection from spiritual, emotional, sensual or erotic expression.

Since 1989, teacher of personal development workshops and professional bodywork and movement therapy training in short seminars around the world. Themes include:
the art and science of safe, pleasurable, intentional and ethical touch
sustained sensate focus for practitioner self care, efficient movement dynamics and powerful presence
relationship of personal development to professional effectiveness
See www.rogertolle.net for full information on trainings and workshops.

Personal Experience

Two long term intimate life partners.
Many short term sexual-loving relationships with men (and a few women)
Intermittent personal therapy, professional supervision, and couples counseling as needed.



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