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Penny Lane
San Antonio, TX
Email: drsusankaye@gmail.com


I am very comfortable with my own sexuality and my medical background brings an acceptance of life BOTH psychologically AND physically.  We only get one body and it is important that we love and know our bodies.  It cannot be expressed often enough that each body is different.  Whether working with men, women, or couples, each person is special – a one of a kind - and is treated with respect in building the intimacy skills needed as designed by our therapeutic team

While I work exclusively through Dr Susan Kaye to provide the proper approach to each client, it is important to know that my work space is a separate, safe environment where the process can progress in a relaxed, loving, and fun atmosphere.  Clients often contact Dr Kaye with sexual concerns or at a crucial turning point in their lives.  A person in such circumstances may feel isolated and vulnerable.  With guidance and nurturance, our team can help rebuild social and sexual confidence.  The three of us – client, therapist, and surrogate - work as a team where I function as a personal coach, ally, companion, field trip co-coordinator and often wing woman.  I bring intelligence, discretion, a medical insight, and an upbeat approach to my surrogacy practice. 

On a personal level, I have a college degree and work in the medical field.   I have a background in Tantric education since 1995.



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