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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

Mukee Okan
Certified Sex Surrogate, Tantra Master and Teacher
Phoenix, Arizona | PH: 602.482.9691
Email: mukee@spiritfireproductions.com

Hello, I have been a sexual surrogate since 1996. I trained with IPSA, the International Professional Surrogates Association. I have been training and teaching in the sexuality arena since 1984. I am a transformation agent and mentor to all dedicated to accelerating their evolution and connecting deeper to their sexual energy with greater awareness.
As an international sexuality educator and mentor I love to share what works.
My extensive experience and training includes:

  • Tantra initiation and education since 1984
  • Shamanic spiritual sexuality since 1990
  • Surrogate partner therapist in the Western medical model for sexual healing since 1995
  • Thousands of individual sessions with singles and couples since 1990

"I love to inspire, support and encourage your full sexual expression, vitality and passion - guiding you in easy ways to enhance the quality of your sex life. It doesn't matter what your current state is, with my simple practical approach you will experience immediate results."

Learning and seeking to expand your sexual intimate experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Cultivating your sexual energy is your most sophisticated and effective form of creating outstanding health, happiness, intimacy and abundance in every arena of your life and your relationships. Your sexual well being enhances your ability to enjoy life. Your sexual well being is up to you. Orgasm is first and foremost for your health and well-being.

"Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses."
Napoleon Hill

What is available?

Mukee offers programs ranging from private coaching sessions, phone consultations, evening
seminars, one day programs, women's programs, retreats and intensives. She is available for
speaking engagements and introductory educational programs in your community.

For Men:

For firmer erections, orgasmic control, increased sexual endurance, increased sexual arousal and touch sensitivity:

  • Online program for lasting longer, The Truth About Premature Ejaculation - ebook and audio includes guided exercises to download now http://www.MasterEjaculation.com
  • 2 hour session with individual "homework" program
  • 3 day personal intensive with Mukee

For Individuals and Couples:

Who are inspired to enhance the quality of your sexual life

  • Private coaching sessions, including 1 day programs, intensives and retreats
  • Tantra study programs are also available that includes asanas, pranayama, meditation.

"I especially love creating a wonderful personalized transformational retreat for a couple, or a small group of couples in a beautiful location with a focus on sexual energy as an expression of the Oneness of the Divine design".

For Your Community:

Presentations and introductory educational programs

  • For women's organizations, men's organizations, business organizations, conferences
    and executive retreats

Please ask me about sessions and intensive programs in your area, for individuals and for groups. I facilitate sacred sexuality experiences - intensives, one day events, evenings and individual sessions for singles and couples internationally. Originally from Australia, I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

To book a session and for more information:

Call Mukee 602.482.9691 or email: mukee@spiritfireproductions.com

What Others Say:
There are few times where I know with every cell in my body that my next job is to sit down, shut up and pay attention. When it comes to Sacred Sexuality, when it comes to Tantra, when it comes to understanding how to help men, women and couples create the powerful, vital sex life that is their birthright, Mukee is where that conversation starts and ends. She has a depth of understanding that is ancient and wise about these matters and a way of sharing it with such compassion and joy that you will immediately feel safe in her presence. She is your orgasm’s best friend.
Jim Mitchell, 2007 Mankind Project Chairman; Facilitator, Leader Teacher, Mentor

I recently went through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I knew that even after being married 20 years, and being thrust back into the single life, I still had some things to learn in sex and intimate relationships. Not sure where to turn I researched surrogates on the web and decided the most experienced, knowledgeable, informative and willing to help person out there was Mukee Okan. I worked
with Mukee for 2 days and it was the best experience regarding relationships, sex, intimacy, and the opposite sex. I learned more in 2 days than I would have in years of researching. Mukee was terrific and the sessions were life changing. I think every male, and every couple should take Mukee sessions. I even joked it should be a requirement for every young man to learn from Mukee. I gained self confidence and knowledge and can go on with my new life with a newfound sense of excitement and confidence and I am sure I will apply the lessons learned to future relationships... Sincerely.
1 extremely satisfied male from Illinois



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