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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

Mare Simone ACTE
Certified Sex Surrogate Partner; Certified Tantra Educator, Intimacy Coach
Los Angeles, CA
Email: Mare@MareSimone.com

I’m a pleasure pioneer since the mid-70s, exploring in all realms of healing and empowering in the service of sexual love. I became a Certified Sex Surrogate in 1986, with Dr. Michael Perry MFCC. I am a featured surrogate in a video he produced entitled, “Sexual Secrets, A Surrogates Guide to Great Sex." I maintain an ongoing private practice in Los Angeles and tour the US and abroad.
I am also a level IV, Certified Tantra Educator from the Source School of Tantra Yoga. This school specializes in healing and awakening through Tantra massage, yoga, breath techniques and sensual touch. I began my Tantra quest after a profound experience that continues to enlighten me about the powerful union between sex and spirit.
Author of soon to be released book: Male Sex Mastery, I host an LA-based Meetup group: Ecstatic Tantra – The Path of Living Love! We produce live events and webinars worldwide!
I’m especially passionate about empowering women and currently producing a summit and podcast for increasing Healthy Sex Awareness.  I’ve been on TV in HBO’s, Real Sex,The Playboy Channel, British ITV, E! Entertainment and the Discovery Channel. I also appear in the popular Tantra video,"Ancient Secrets for Modern Lovers," produced by Tantra.com. 
Services for Men, Women and Couples:

  •         Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse Issues
  •         PE to lasting longer and expanded pleasure
  •         ED to cultivating male potency physically and emotionally
  •         Healing and releasing past emotional/physical trauma
  •         Channeling sexual energy into creative endeavors
  •         Increasing your pleasure potential
  •         Learning to please your partner better
  •         Help women to discover multiple orgasms including female ejaculation
  •         Learning to view sex as a self-healing, empowering tool
  •         Ceremonies, Celebrations, Special Occasions and other Co-Creations!!!

I love to travel and offer seminars and sessions throughout the US and abroad
See my calendar on my site to follow my tours. Join my e-mail list so I can keep you posted about my tours, TV and radio appearances.

Skype or Phone sessions:
In a Skype/phone session you'll receive the same teachings and coaching as you would if we were in person, but in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It can be as effective as meeting in person. In addition, you can practice at your own pace for as long as you want. Introduction to advanced training is available. I enjoy co-creating sessions with you to help you explore and experience your depths so you can truly manifest your highest ambitions and visions in your world!
Deep, satisfying pleasure is the greatest gift we can give

Comments from Clients:
"I had a very enlightening time. Your words were profound and instructive at the same time."
"Wow, you have so many insights to what men think and do."
"I can't thank you enough for what your sessions have done for me and my wife. She now feels pleasure she never knew was possible. Even her breasts are more sensitive, which we both love!"
“The session was incredible! I had a great experience with my wife and used several things we talked about. She really seemed to enjoy what we did. I was bummed out and got sick on Sunday and am just feeling better tonight. I can't wait to see where this goes.  I hope to talk to you soon and expand my experiences!”
“I use to walk down the street thinking my eyes were wide open, but until I met you my eyes were actually closed . When I talked to you on the phone you were so gentle and inspiring, it was like you were already in my soul. I can barely find words to express how the time we spent together broadened my sense of being. You brought me to a state of mind I did not know existed… where nothing is beyond expectation.”

To book a session and further information:
Email: TantraMare@Gmail.com
Skype: TantraMare
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MareSimoneinTantraHeaven
I am available for private sessions on a regular basis, and immersions of a full day or series of days. All sessions are customized so please inquire to find out how I can serve you.
For group lectures, summits and schools, or TV and media interviews please contact me at Mare@MareSimone.com.

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