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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

Jennifer Gedrick
Trained Sex Surrogate
Cotati, California | Phone: 707-889-3889
Email: sexualhealthsolutions@gmail.com


Sexual health is undoubtedly an integral part of a physical, psychological and spiritual well being. As in, “virility”, it’s a part of a man’s health that’s taken for granted when all is running smoothly. But when things get out of sync, most men will definitely notice, and the focus of sexual concerns can range from inconvenient to distressing.

The best male participants for experience based sex education are those who are willing to take responsibility for their personal growth. I’m careful to pre screen each person making sure they consider themselves a good candidate for this type of practice.

Ever heard of this phrase… “helping others to help themselves”?

I find the best matches between myself and another are when we have communicated well around needs, personal values, ethics, morals and realistic expectations before we consider working together. From here I strive to teach each person how to be present, resourceful and accountable for their personal growth around sexuality. Experienced based learning is about being in the moment…feeling and practicing a way through anxiety and inhibitions by peeling back the layers of fear and myths to reveal a new and positive outcome. Becoming accountable for personal growth is a learned and practiced attitude of acquiring a different perception. Subject specific personal growth classes, psychotherapy and books are great augments for coming to terms with types of dysfunction.

My services include:

Field trip companionship for men…

Sometimes getting out there and trying something new can be a bit lonesome and nerve racking. As a field trip companion I’m available to accompany you to specified sexuality courses or classes that require a partner. For instance, Tantra and human sexuality, personal growth day workshops or weekend seminars. For those of you who are adventuresome and have mild body image issues, then a trip a “clothing optional” resort may be just the medicine for practicing bodily acceptance. If you have a diagnosed concern over your body image, referred to as “body dysmorphic”, then perhaps the approach will be for us to work together over prescribed exercises from your therapist. Whatever your intention, it’s important to obtain a good understanding of what we will achieve toward resolving your issue before we begin

Sensate Focus is learning how to feel your body…

Sensate Focus are physical exercises designed to reduce anxiety and help an individual discover and enjoy his or her erogenous zones through sensual touch in non demanding situations. This term was coined by sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The term is usually associated with a set of specific sexual exercises for couples or for individuals. The aim of these exercises is to increase the personal and interpersonal awareness of oneself and the other’s needs. Each individual is encouraged to focus on their own sensory or sensual experience, rather than to see orgasm as the sole goal of sex..

Life experience and my certificates in clinical sexology, sex education, sexual surrogacy and conflict resolution have lent to my abilities to feel at ease in introducing individuals to this form of sensual touch. The exercises are meant to build bodily trust and self esteem, as well as, improve communication and discover personal preferences for bodily sensation. This is a honoring and boundary oriented approach, where you will learn literally by your experience.

How I work with individuals

I provide accurate and unbiased sex education and experienced based learning as a part of self empowerment, personal growth and self awareness. Otherwise known as “experiential learning”, this is an action oriented approach to overcoming certain types of sexual or psychological difficulties. This is where we turn talking into “doing”.
Often, surrogate practices are woven with experiential learning. As a partner, I conduct my sessions on a low level of intimate physical involvement. This means that portions of my work may be translated with physical and psychological intimacy, including physical touch. However, I ultimately refrain from sexual intercourse, oral sex or kissing.

Areas of hands-on intimacy are:

  • Partnered Sensate Focus Exercises
  • Partnered Tantra Classes
  • Partnered Intimacy Workshops

Working “hands on” is a personal choice, though, there are other sexual surrogate partners who may work on deeper levels of physical and psychological intimacy. Ultimately, you should check with each one first before making any assumption, as I do not prescribe or endorse referrals to, or on behalf of other surrogates.

Individuals working with a licensed sex therapist may choose to augment their sessions with my services. Please discuss this with your therapist to find out what is best for your circumstance.

Examples where intimacy coaching and sex education may be of benefit…

  • Erectile Insufficiency
  • Early Ejaculation
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Shyness
  • Body Image Issues
  • Personal Growth

My academic background also includes a Certificate of Associate Clinical Sexology, Certificate of Associate Sex Education, and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution. I was certified as a surrogate by the International Professional Surrogates Association.



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