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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

Andrew Heartman
Certified Surrogate Partner, Intimacy Coach
Fremont & San Francisco, California
Website: http://www.SurrogatePartner.us


Feeling unfulfilled in your intimate life? Who would you be if you were guaranteed an environment of safety and acceptance? If you're curious about how your life might change via Surrogate Partner Therapy, contact me for a casual chat with no obligation.

Carol's story:

Imagine a five-year-old being told by her mother "Do whatever he tells you."

These were the words I heard as my Mother left me in the care of my uncle. Hours later he told me that “we” needed a nap. I protested and again he reminded me of my Mom’s order. This predator proceeded to molest me and at times lay on top of me. I remember his stinking breath, his grunting noises, and the pain and bleeding. I also remember the horrific feeling that he was crushing me and I couldn’t breathe.

I have been aware that many things trigger the horror of that day. Throughout my life, including thirty years of marriage, I had always panicked when a man put his weight on me. I have relived the fear, the loss of power, and the absolute horror of not being able to breathe. At times I could manage this by continuously repeating in my mind “You are ok. He is not going to harm you.”

It is now 64 years later. As a result of my experience with Andrew Heartman I have been gifted with a new knowledge and I now have control of this. I felt very safe with Andrew, probably because I knew that Andrew had no agenda of his own, and that he was there only to support me. Before, I always had to convince myself that I was safe—to talk myself into it. But with Andrew I was able to experience that I am safe, and this experience transformed not only how I relate to men, but to the world in general. I found I had the confidence to attempt and achieve many things in the world that I had been afraid to before. I have gained the wisdom that I can choose, freely and powerfully, and this has unshackled me from a prison that spanned 64 years.

I am now free to choose a relation without “Uncle G.” in the bed. My thanks to you, Andrew.

Carol R.

I recognize the extreme sensitivity of the issues my clients deal with, and, as with Carol, I feel that my most important function as a surrogate partner is to create a safe emotional environment. People have told me all my life that they feel safe around me. This is why:

I am present.

I have spent most of my adult life cultivating the ability to be really present, and by that I mean attentive, focused, and keenly aware of what's happening in the moment.

I listen.

Sensitive and intuitive, I am an exceptional listener. My listening is fueled by a genuine interest and caring. My intention is to not only hear what you're saying, but also what you haven't been able to say.

"The way Andrew communicates is so clear it helps me be more clear, not only in my words but also in my thoughts. I feel really heard when I am with him."   —Sue S.

I'm nonjudgmental.

I have had several friends and former girlfriends who have dealt with sexual assault, so I have seen firsthand the effect that sexual abuse and its subsequent trauma can have on women's emotional and intimate lives. All of these experiences have engendered in me a deep compassion for an enormous range of human experiences. I am one of the most nonjudgmental people you will ever meet.

I am empowering.

My intention is to empower your growth and confidence in who you are. I look for and see the parts of you that deserve to be honored, revered, respected, and loved. Once I see those parts of you, you will start to see them also. No matter what your age, body type, or lifestyle, your inherent beauty will be seen and accepted.

"Andrew's warmth and caring for everyone around him really shows up and it is wonderful to be around."    — Ava

I am available.

As a surrogate partner, I don't have an agenda to make a point, to be heard, or to satisfy my own emotional or sexual needs, and am fully available to support my clients on their healing journey. I’ve done a tremendous amount of healing work myself, and as a result, I am completely comfortable with my own body, my sexuality, and the light and dark parts of myself.



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