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Anorgasmia is not a woman’s disorder. It is, however, better documented for women than men, and is more likely to affect women. While lifelong Anorgasmia does affect 15% of women, 45% percent of women have experienced inhibited orgasm at some point in life. Anorgasmia can simply mean the concerning absence of an orgasm during sexual intercourse, though it is usually in reference to a dysfunction that prevents a person from reaching climax even with adequate stimulation. Anorgasmia in women may go undetected, if the woman never reports the problem and prefers faking orgasms to hurting her lover’s feelings.

Anorgasmia Can Affect Men Too

Some men also have been known to have problems reaching orgasm. Anorgasmia is technically different from the disorder known as delayed ejaculation, though causes, symptoms and therapies between the two are usually the same. Ejaculation is the release of semen from the penis whereas an orgasm is a series of muscle contractions that releases sexual tension. While most men do orgasm and ejaculate at the same time, there is no scientific reason why they have to. Anorgasmia, however, prevents both ejaculation and orgasm in men.

90% of Anorgasmia cases involve psychological issues. For example some men can reach orgasm while masturbating or through prolonged foreplay, but not during intercourse. This strongly indicates it’s a psychological issue and not a physical dysfunction.

Cause And Effect

What causes this condition? Stress and performance anxiety are leading factors, though these two causes are usually temporary and not necessarily related to serious sexual problems. Other psychological problems might include marital difficulties and a monotonous sex routine. In situations like this good communication and a genuine effort put forth to spice up your sex life might be just what you need to experience an orgasm.

However, other causes of the disorder are more difficult to treat. Sometimes Anorgasmia can be traced to a person’s negative attitudes towards sex that stem from childhood.

A history of rape, child abuse or adult sexual abuse can instill a fear of losing control or of enjoying sex in a person who has suffered through such trauma. Treatment dealing with past abuse is the most intensive form of sex therapy.

Anorgasmia is for the most part not a physical problem, as in a congenital defect or disease. But it can be brought on by physical harm to the body. Alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs can hinder orgasmic response. Chronic illnesses and pains can affect sexuality. Spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, hormone problems and diabetes are other physical problems that can impact orgasmic reaction.

There are treatments available for Anorgasmia, and most of them would not involve medicine or surgery. However, if the condition raises concern, a physical examination might be an appropriate. That way any organic causes could be ruled out before seeking further solutions.

The Most Effective Treatment Available

Sexual therapy would be best suited to help with Anorgasmia, since it is a sexual problem and not a medical condition. A qualified sex therapist and sex surrogate could work with an Anorgasmia sufferer and provide educational treatment. Marriage and relationship counseling might also prove effective and treat Anorgasmia that is brought on by communication problems.

Methods used during surrogate therapy are scientifically researched and generally have a high success rate. That is not to say that Anorgasmia can definitely be cured. There have been some cases, probably stemming far back into childhood, where a person has been traumatized by a past event and can never fully recover. While surrogate therapy can’t perform physical miracles, can still help the person to learn how to enjoy sex even if orgasm is not possible. Therapy helps to relax a client; to let him or her feel comfortable with their bodies and to restore sexual confidence.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many cases that are not linked to psychological trauma or relationship issues simply involve a lack of sexual knowledge. Sometimes people lack basic understanding of their sexual organs and how they work, or at least lack the opportunity to practice sexual activity in a safe, private and acceptable atmosphere.

Anorgasmia is a frustrating problem that can lead to relationship difficulties and stress. What a shame it would be if the only thing holding you back from a much better sex life complete with orgasm was simple education. Sex surrogacy is all about education. Sex therapy teaches clients about sex and how to enjoy it.


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