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“All American Penis”

There is panic in the streets! Thousands of men are running scared all over the country, and not over King Kong or that big fire breathing dragon. Rather, this type of panic is known as penis panic.

While the definition “penis panic” is linked to a culture specific syndrome, involving superstition and the belief that your penis is shrinking due to witchcraft, there is an Americanized penis panic that many men deal with. That is simply the belief that their penis is too small and some drastic action has to be taken.

So many men will turn to pills, penis pumps, penile surgery and an interesting physical technique called “jalqing”, all so they can have a large penis and presumably satisfy women.

How Big Should It Be?

In a male-dominated society, it seems often times that the size of a man’s penis is equated with his masculinity. Men are very competitive by nature and so it’s not surprising how many times they will pass along exaggerated stories, discuss unbelievable photos and sightings, and spread urban myths about how big they are and how popular they’re becoming with the ladies, who of course, only care about size.

The legend of King Kong not withstanding, how big should a man’s penis be? Believe it or not, the average size of a fully erect penis measured from the top of the penis from the groin to the tip is considered 5-6 inches. Some studies, including the Journal of Urology, as well as Lifestyles Condoms, found the average penis to be five inches or slightly higher, some studies reading as much as 5.9. Therefore, 5 to 6 inches is considered the average size of the typical man walking down the street.

Therefore if a man is having some sort of penis panic over the fact that he’s not a ten-inch Superman (And even Superman hasn’t been depicted as that long) then he is fretting over nothing. Many men fall short of being gigantic, just as many men only reach 5 foot 9 in height rather than 6 foot eight. Just as many women have to live with the fact that they don’t look like Jennifer Aniston, so many men will have to learn they’re not as big as Milton Berle. (If you believe that)


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