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"Alcohol—Not As Sexy As It Sounds"

Excessive drinking can affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection and lead to recurring erectile dysfunction. Long-term alcohol excess use has also been associated with testicular atrophy and can reduce testosterone levels in men. According to some studies, men who were above moderate drinkers showed reduced capacity for erections as well as decreased semen production and a lower sperm count because of the alcohol inhibiting the metabolism of Vitamin A.

Whereas many might see excessive alcohol as the prelude to great sex, science says the exact opposite. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation retain less control even after just a small drink, much less a heavy amount. Studies have also shown that moderate to high levels of alcohol can result in fewer orgasms, less intense orgasms or even no orgasm at all.

Women can also be affected sexually by overdrinking. While the desire for sex may be increased, even moderate amounts of alcohol can affect a person’s sexual response and performance. Dehydration from alcohol can lead to less vaginal lubrication, which increases the possibility of painful intercourse or even the breaking of condoms.

There are also ethical considerations. Alcohol can impair a person’s judgment and along with sexual arousal and foreplay (which already impair judgment) it can make it difficult for a person to ponder the consequences of their actions. Unplanned sexual activity can lead to many problems, the least of which is hurt feelings, and the worst of which could be sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Many women because of alcoholic consumption, willful or otherwise, have been date raped and many men have been accused of date rape in some states that don’t consider sex consensual when alcohol is involved.

Lastly, while booze may make sex easier it never makes sex better. Excessive alcohol sedates the central nervous system, which is what creates all that excitement, thus defeating the whole purpose of the sexy encounter.


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