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“Adult Virginity”

You cannot spot an adult virgin in a crowd. There is no true stereotype to think of when it comes to illustrating a face of virginity. Many virgins are attractive and look just like any other sexually active man or woman walking down the street. Not all adult virgins are socially inept or lacking in charm and intelligence. Not all virgins possess a nerdy personality or a physical handicap.

The only sure thing you can say about adult virginity is that some people are that way by choice, while others want to have sex, but for some reason haven’t been able to get very far in the dating scene.

What Is There To Be Afraid Of?

Sex therapists and surrogates have reported a steady number of adult-virgin clients. They can be young, middle aged or elderly, and possess various physical features. Yes, some of them might have a disability or be lacking in traditionally handsome (or beautiful) qualities. But just as many adult virgins are quite good looking and suffer from some form of social disorder. Social anxiety, poorly developed dating skills, a lack of confidence, a sexual dysfunction, or a psychological problem could be holding them back from engaging in normal sexual relationships.

The dating world can be difficult to break into, even somewhat harsh, to a person with budding social skills—and one who, by traditional standards, should be already finished with the dating scene. Adult virgins who seek sex surrogacy as a solution do so because they are tired of feeling helpless in their lives. They don’t want to be alone forever and so decide to take positive steps towards learning what they don’t know.

Men, Women & Virginity

Interestingly, virginal men seem to outnumber women, not in hard statistics but in total reported cases from sex therapists. Some claim that men have more insistent desires and so are inclined to take definite action before shyer women do. (Since many women are raised in contemporary society to be sexually inhibited) Another way to look at it is that traditionally, or even evolutionarily, man is the aggressor in courtship and women usually react to the man’s pursuit. Therefore, with so many alpha-males to choose from in society, a woman will always have the chance to lose her virginity. A virginal man on the other hand, might be trying to court attention but be failing in his efforts. For whatever reason, sex surrogacy seems to be the choice of mostly virginal men and so they are the focus of this article.

The advent of the Internet has made it easier for the adult virgin to seek sexual therapy and surrogacy as a solution. In years past, virgins had no choice but to be isolated, hope for charity, or seek phone sex as some form of sexual activity. Now, however, an Internet search of “sex surrogate” or “sex surrogacy” can put a man in touch with a sex surrogate-therapist team nationwide as a treatment for his problem.

A Permanent Cure For Loneliness

That is, a permanent cure to his plight, not a meaningless one-time experience. Sex surrogacy is primarily about sexual education. Men who are interested in surrogacy are seeking permanent solutions to their problems—learning what they don’t know.

Qualified therapists and sex surrogates teach them the skills, the techniques and the knowledge necessary to go out into the real world and form relationships. In addition to knowledge, sometimes physical or sexual touching is involved in order to teach the client confidence and get him comfortable with his own sexuality.

Some adult virgins are not only nervous with women, they are completely unable to act or converse without some form of proactive therapy to illustrate what should be happening. If a man is intimidated by women then friendly encouragement and advice will only take him so far. Possessing all the knowledge, without the confidence that comes from experience, may frustrate him even more.

What Sex Surrogacy Can Do

Sex surrogates can give men the experience and the education that they need—not to have romance or sex in a clinic, but to prepare them for the real dating world. Surrogate therapy can teach men how to touch and be touched, how to build self-esteem; it can provide experience, it can help with confusion about physical sex or relationships, it can teach him about women’s bodies and about his own body. Finally, it teaches him to alleviate his fears and inhibitions and just enjoy sex like everyone else does.

Telling an unhappy adult virgin to just get out there and start dating is not helpful. Paying a prostitute for sex just so you can lose your virginity is not helpful (and illegal in 48 states). And for a 40 Year Old Virgin who wants to have sex, just living in fear of the unknown is a terrible way to spend the last few years of your youth. Why not look into sex surrogate therapy and make a serious, committed decision to change your sex life for the better.


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