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The journey of a life time that ignites your sexual spirit

About Tara Livingston - Sexual Surrogate Partner

My 30 years of work as a Certified Sex Surrogate has evolved from my own personal journey of discovery through a joyful expansion of my sexuality and ultimately a deeper, more surrendering level of intimate expression

I decided to begin the odyssey of a lifetime, an exploration into myself that has vaulted me to unparalled heights of intimate expression, communication and openness, allowing me to truly live my life to the fullest and reach the sexual freedom and depth I had always believed was possible. This is the precious gift I give to you.

As a surrogate, I help you build your confidence through physical and emotional skills. I guide you through the process of how to become more effective socially and sexually so that you can fully open yourself to experiencing pleasure. I assist you with issues that effect your ability to maintain relationships including resolving intimacy concerns, confidence-building, communicating feelings openly, dating anxiety, desire burn-out and sexual inhibitions.

I provide my services to you through private individual sessions and with my personal telephone sex counseling.

I have trained extensively in the healing arts having earned certification from two training centers: The Center for Social and Sensory Learning and IPSA (International Professional Surrogates Association) In addition, I am a Certified Sex Educator awarded by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality as well as a Certified Personal Guidance Counselor. I have also partially completed graduate studies in Psychology.

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and post-graduate studies in Marriage and Family Counseling. I participated in a nationally-known Human Sexuality program conducted at UCLA. In addition, I am a certified domestic violence mediator.




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