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“5 Myths About Sex Surrogates”

More and more people are looking to sexual surrogacy as an effective way to treat sexual problems. Single men and women, people suffering from dysfunction, and people just wanting to improve their social and dating skills, are all finding surrogate therapy to be helpful.

But there are still misconceptions as to what “sexual surrogacy” means. There is a fountain of misinformation spreading about this type of therapy (online, in print and by word of mouth) and separating the truth from fiction is important if you are seriously interested in sex therapy. Keep in mind that many unsettling rumors you may have heard about sex surrogacy could be rare exceptions to the rule, exaggerated truths or even outright lies. Let’s start by debunking 5 different myths about sex surrogates.

Myth 1: Sexual surrogacy is bad/evil/illegal/morally wrong.

It’s easy to understand why a country made up of at least a 50% conservative population would allow this myth to perpetuate. Many people feel that sex is a very private matter and that it should never be mentioned outside the bedroom. While we do respect those who feel that way, we are also aware that the other half of the national population does not have a problem discussing sex and could be looking for solutions, treatments or suggestions to improve their sex life. Whereas some might feel it is a shame to advertise sexual counseling to people who are already looking for solutions, we feel it is a shame when a person suffers from sexual problems and doesn’t know what to do. Many people, while not having a problem with sex therapy, might feel embarrassed talking about it or might not even realize that there is such a therapy available. Those people are the ones we aim to please. Sex surrogacy is an option for people who truly want to improve or revitalize their sex lives.

Myth 2: Sexual surrogates are legalized prostitutes.

To discuss the subject of prostitution in detail is an entirely different article. Prostitution of course is acceptable throughout much of the world, prevalent in the United States and legalized in two states. That stated, be aware that sexual surrogacy is not prostitution. Prostitution is an entertainment service and provides the payer with instant gratification. It is a device, a way to release sexual energy. The client calls the shots and gets what he pays for. A sexual surrogate on the other hand, has a purpose in mind. A surrogate’s job is to educate the client on how to master or alleviate specific sexual problems. Though the surrogate does the teaching, the therapist—not the client or the surrogate—decides on activities would best treat the client. Therapy usually takes months. Any sexual activity—if a therapist deems it necessary—is secondary to communication, education and healing. Which brings on the next myth…

Myth 3: So surrogacy is just educational sex?

A great deal of surrogate therapy is not sexual. A good average estimate is that 90% of therapy is nonsexual and instead involves communication, emotional healing, and other physical treatments. There may be some therapy sessions in which there is no sexual intercourse or foreplay at all—it’s up to therapist to act in the client’s best interest. Education involves learning, addressing a problem or confronting sabotaging social behavior. But it’s what many people need in order to overcome an obstacle in their life and regain a healthy perspective on sex.

Myth 4: Surrogacy is just for [any group of supposedly miserable people] and not for normal people.

A tricky question, at least the second part of that myth. It’s true that few if any are going to want to pay money for something they can get for free any Saturday night. People who are enjoying healthy sex lives have no need of surrogate therapy. But there are many people, who although they are “normal” in other aspects of life, still suffer from sexual problems in some form or another. These could be sexual dysfunctions (impotence or Peyronie’s disease) or psychological disorders (fear of intimacy). Some men may have difficulty talking to women and forming relationships, some may be recovering from past traumas. Some could be recovering from an operation, or learning to live with a disability. Sexual surrogacy is not for any one “group” of people. It encompasses a lot of different people with a variety of problems.

Myth 5: Good deal. I’m ready for my date with my supermodel surrogate.

Maybe you should be looking up an escort service instead. Sex surrogacy is a professional practice in association with psychologists, physicians, urologists, and is always overseen by a sex therapist. Surrogates are there, at the request of a therapist, to teach clients how to overcome sexual problems by education and by physical treatment. They’re not there to look pretty. A sex surrogate may not fit your physical description of the perfect woman. But if you’re really looking for help on how to improve your sex life, cope with dysfunction or cure disorders, then sex surrogacy can help you. And that’s the only myth that can be proven true.








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